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i loves me some pumpkin butter…

April 3, 2009

I tend to get obsessed with things easily!! Past obsessions include LL cool J, baseball tonight, victoria’s secret cupquake lipgloss, The Return Of Jafar…ya know the good stuff.  I can’t get enough for a few days, weeks, months and then I get over it.  So it should come as no surprise that I have already listened to Amy by Pure Prairie League at least 20 times and eaten pumpkin butter 3 different ways today!


This would be a toasted arnold sandwich thin(100 calories, 5 g fiber, 5 g protein, not too shabby) with sunflower seed butter and PUMPKIN BUTTER.  Along with a much tastier protein source, plain 0% fage with some more pumpkin butter and a dab of lemon curd.

cimg0385I stirred in the yummy toppings!

So at work today there were more FREE cookies!  Emily, a lovely intern grabbed a chocolate chip one that she was going to let me have.  It was literally in my hands and I was about to break it in half and I was so excited until I realized “oh, no I can’t eat cookies this week! I said so on my blog!” so I relinquished the cookie.

And had this instead when I got home…cimg0388well almost all of it, some got left in the microwave

cimg0386oops!  The oats said 2 1/2 to 3 minutes and I know my microwave is CRAZY powerful so I only set it for 2 minutes and this still happened! I started with a little less than 1/2 cup oatmeal and after sharing some with my microwave ended up eating ~1/3 cup with 1 packet protein powder, some blueberries and raisins and of course PUMPKIN BUTTER!  A big old spoonful stirred right in.  I topped my bowl with cinnamon and some flax seeds, and also ate 7 almonds!
By the time I got through with it my snack mini-meal was about 300 calories, or the same as a cookie, and so much more satisfying!  I would take this over a cookie any day most days of the week.

Also, I have been thinking lately about becoming a more organized blogger. As in I could have a blog of the day type deal breaking down something like:

Monday: Nutrition tip

Tuesday: Recipe

Wednesday: Nutrition in the news

Thursday: Product review

Friday: Whatever I want, it’s Friday!!!

I think it may help me because I have all these ideas and then sit down at my computer and go blank(well,not totally blank but I feel like my blog has been slacking in the humor/creativity department as of late).  Let me know what you guys think of these possible changes.

Also, my fabulous and studly friend Dave suggested I do a “stud of the week” section in my blog.  Little did he know I would take him so seriously because I think it could be really interesting to have a guy’s perspective and he has already agreed to a short question and answer section.  I could ask things like “how come the last time I was at your apartment your fridge was filled with only beer, pizza, more beer and a Brita filter?”(ok maybe there was some cheese and soda too) or “when you are really rocking out and moving your fingers really fast do you consider playing guitar hero a cardio workout? or “how many types of meat do you typically order on your pizza(he’s partial to the bacon and sausage, and buffalo chicken varieties but I wonder if he has ever combined them!) Ya know stuff like that!  He is awesome and of course as mentioned before a stud, so I think it could be a great interview!

Have a wonderful Friday!  I’m going to a highschool concert tonight and focusing on keeping cookies/brownies/cakes out of my hands!!!

Also, I had to change my baking order for

Meghann’s bakesale due to the pistachio recall. So I am now baking chocolate almond biscotti!!!! Don’t forget to head over on April 6th to buy some goodies!!!

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  1. April 4, 2009 2:52 pm

    gah i hate it when oatmeal overflows in the microwave! i’ve definitely had that problem, too.

    i love that you ate pumpkin butter 3 times today…yum!

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