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Fav Foods

I promise to add more to this later but I figured I could start by making a list of my most favorite foods!

– Pizza!!!( my favorite is salad pizza, but the Harvard from UpperCrust on whole wheat is also delicious)

– Greek yogurt( my favorite is Oikos vanilla but I love them all)

– Friendship whipped 1% cottage cheese-yumm

-Whole wheat English Muffins

-Homemade hummus

-Granny smith apples(but I am super picky about apples and DO NOT like mushy ones)

-My mom’s spinach and apple salad(recipe and picture soon, you will love it)

-Freshly ground peanut butter

-Rao’s tomato sauce

-Fresh Mozzarella Cheese(especially from an Italian man who just finished making it)

-Veggie Fajitas

-Hot sauce

-My homemade coleslaw

-Great Harvest bread

-Sunshine bagels/flagels! – if you have never had a flagel it’s a flat bagel and it’s amazing.  Also when the guy who works at the bagel shop knows your name, you know you have a bagel problem! (he also knows the names of my friends, where we all went to school and the list goes on…)

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  1. Danny permalink
    April 8, 2009 4:01 am

    Why weren’t you making all this stuff when you lived right down the hall from me!?!

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