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i love my dad!!!

July 5, 2009

While we went through some rough patches (aka middle school-11th grade; sorry for being such a brat!) my dad is AMAZING and super supportive!  We also both LOVE LOVE LOVE: pure maple syrup, whiskey and gingerales  and VOLLEYBALL!

My dad is also awesome because he makes things like this and sends me pictures…wafflesThis was his homemade father’s day brunch(can you tell he has a much better camera & photography skills! That he made and ate by himself and then went for a bike ride! I was sad I wasn’t there to enjoy it with him but I was in Cape Cod enjoying way toooooooooooo many whiskey and ginger-ales!  I tried to post this  awhile back but wordpress wasn’t being very nice to me that day and it did not work! So Happy belated father’s day!

In regards to my recent blogging hiatus: I think I may be ready to come back…if y’all are still ready to read(and if not I may still post).  I feel like the blog made me much more aware of my own eating habits in a good way and I just felt healthier/happier.  I also need to start exercising more because I can do A LOT even with a bum knee and I have been using my knee as an excuse(I was going to make a pun about it being my crutch but after spending six weeks on crutches I just didn’t know if it was that funny!-also after spending about 6 weeks away from blogging I don’t want to be too punny too soon!)I think blogging keeps me accountable and hopefully gives you guys some good ideas of how to play with food- when I was put on a research diet at the hospital for a day everyone thought I was CRAZY to eat peanut butter and yogurt together!

I am off to enjoy the Boston sun(which after taking a month off has decided to come out) and perhaps even photograph some of my eats! I did get a request to make brownies so there may be some of that going on as well!

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