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freaky ears

May 20, 2009

Today I am not going to write about food AT ALL…well it might slip in but instead I would like to show off my crazy asymmetrical and freakishly anti-headphone ears…



See the one on the bottom is super smooshy on the top! EEK! It does not look good in all it’s close up glory!  I am semi-selfconscious about my ears but MOST people just say they can’t even notice a difference.  Liars huh?!?! But ooooooo no! Not my best friend who one day over bagels went into FITS of laughter and still makes me fun of me for my asymmetrical ears(and feet, which by the way are a whole size different!)

So anyways, I can get over my ears being different for cosmetic reasons, but headphones do not FIT in my ears!  Those little ipod buds will stay if I am PERFECTLY still, but I can’t turn my head wearing them let alone run, without them falling out.

Enter my new skull candy buds……

CIMG0882Note the Vaseline, honey mustard and bbq sauce packs on my night stand! haha oops…And the tiny tiny headphones in my ears that did not fall out my whole time at the gym/walk home!  They are little buds that come with adjustable cap sizes and these are the smallest ones and barely fit in my ear(the reason most buds fall out is they are too large so are never actually in in the first place)! I recommend trying these to anyone who has headphone troubles.  I was so skeptical when the lady told me they would work and she had “my problem” because a quick glance at her ears revealed they were the same size.  But she was right.

I am BEYOND excited! Although I don’t know if they will stay in(at least in my left ear) when I can finally run again, they will be PERFECT for commuting/biking/walking etc. etc.

In other non-food related news….I broke a sweat at the gym by doing sprints on the bike.  I then realized that this was the first time my heart was pumping, like really pumping, for 4 months! It felt so good. Clearly I am so out of shape and shouldn’t be sprinting too long anyways(my knee can only take so much), I did one minute for every 4 regular over 15 minutes.

I was elated to be panting on the bike, and my muscles felt so good especially my heart(not especially my butt though-is that why you stand up in spin class, ouch!)  I can’t wait til I get strong enough to run/jump again!  And just think only 3 months ago I couldn’t walk! Or lift my leg….stinkin surgery.  Oh yea, and now in addition to my ears and feet being different sizes my right leg is tinier than my left-less muscle….aw well, at least that’s getting back to if only someone could refer me to a plastic surgeon for my ears….

JUST KIDDING! Happy Tuesday!

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  1. May 21, 2009 2:15 pm

    ok i seriously just posted about this too!! I couldn’t get the buds to stay in for me while working out though, hope you have better luck!!

  2. June 3, 2009 8:34 pm

    Thank you so much for posting this! Headphones are always far to large for my ears and pop out because my ears can’t hold them in. I’m definitely going to have to look for these!

  3. Todd permalink
    June 2, 2010 12:49 pm

    hey =)
    I like your ears, especially your freaky left asymetric ear. Now I found someone with the same problem like I have. My left ear is so small I can’t get an earbud into, so I allways have to listen to my music with my other one.

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