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May 18, 2009

Yesterday I went to the amazing “grocery” store*(and I use the word grocery lightly because it is mostly produce and fresh baked goods along with plants) called Russos in Watertown, MA.  IT was crazy packed but I saw lots of interesting fruits and veggies I have NEVER seen before!CIMG0857

I picked up some yellow sun-dried tomatoes and dried pineapple(sooooo sweet!)


this is a red apricot, two yellow kiwis and a quince fruit-which is supposed to have similar flavors to both an apple and pear.  CIMG0861

I sampled the red apricot. And thought it would be a good idea to photograph/post it.


But it’s yellow on the inside! tasted like a tart apricot; so I am not sure if it was just unripe or if the red ones usually are like that.CIMG0865

and a 1/2 sour pickle rounded out my snacking.


I have been saving this tempeh to try that came in my Wildwood goody bag a while back.  It is seaweed tempeh! mmm.  I have to say though, tasted kind of like regular tempeh.  It has a softer texture than the brand I normally buy but the flavor was nice and I am sure the seaweed gave me some more vitamins.  CIMG0870

I made a stirfry using these.  ****buyer beware- this no sauce just sugar snap peas also contain sugar and salt- not that big of  a deal but always smart to check before buying to see if you really are getting JUST the veggie! especially if you have to watch your sugar/salt intake**CIMG0871

I marinated cut up tempeh with terriyaki sauce for about 1 hr and then sauteed some carrots for 5 minutes, added the tempeh and microwaved snap peas and threw in a handful of spinach at the end. Yum! By the way, this bowl is so tiny because while the tempeh was marinating I found lots of yummy eats in the pantry.  Oops-appetite spoiled.

Have a great Monday!

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  1. May 19, 2009 9:26 pm

    Quince! Have you ever read The Owl and the Pussycat? Quince has a supporting role.

    Also DO NOT try to eat the quince raw. It will be unpleasant. Peel it, slice it, and poach it in water with sugar and cinnamon.

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