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May 14, 2009

Turns out I didn’t have internet access all weekend in Florida.  I originally intended to post this Friday or Saturday but here it is now, more fun stuff to follow soon!

Blogging from sunny Florida….well technically the airport, posted via sunny Florida!

Before taking off last night I ate a small meal when I wasn’t hungry just because I didn’t want to be famished on the plane!  And since I knew I would be staying up til 2 am, I packed some snacks of a Kashi Hot Fudge Sundae bar and kettle corn! I had fruit, veggies, protein before leaving at about 5:30 which now at 7 pm I think was a great idea.  I just walked past a chocolate shop, a fudge shop, a beer garden!, and a burrito place.  Mostly, I plan my meals ahead to save money, but it is also usually healthier!

It can be really hard to stay healthy while traveling-hence my 12 lb weight gain last summer in about 1.5 months(well that was a culmination of a lot of things-lack of exercise, LOTS of eating out(seriously I think I had two home cooked meals in a span of 2 months), and traveling to MEXICO, VEGAS and CALI! Plus bachelorette parties and an amazing wedding back on the East Coast plus blah blah blah…you get the picture)….I should digress some more and say that part of this weight gain(I think) was me rebelling against my “healthy” life style…for the first time in years I didn’t think about calories, carbs, protein, fat, fried anything, sugar ( I can’t really help this, it’s part of what I majored in) and I just ate the way I wanted to eat and enjoyed almost every bite!  It was very refreshing but I took it a little overboard, and it didn’t help that everyone wanted to celebrate my graduation of college/last summer home!  I’m not complaining; I was just super spoiled and ate A LOT of good food!


-vacations are a good time to splurge on fun foods you can’t have back at home; airports/road stops are places I do not consider good splurges.  It usually ends up being; I’m hungry, I’m on the road/in the air and there is nothing else to eat! I know not everyone can subsist on Clif bars and PB and J sandwiches and baby carrots (some of my favorite travel snack-packs) but planning ahead with snacks or even meals-if feasible- is a great way to prevent being famished and making poor food decisions while on the go.

– Speaking of planning ahead….when my family goes on vacation it can probably be assumed that we end up talking about/planning our meals in advance.  This is great because if you know you are going to a restaurant for dinner with a dessert you’ve been dying to try, you have a good incentive to eat a healthy breakfast.  The downside is, you talk about food all the time(which is clearly something  I don’t mind) but it doesn’t help to keep your mind of hunger when all you do is talk about food!

Stay active– I for one cannot lay on the beach all day(although I am beginning to see the appeal more and more).  Beach walks(walking on sand engages your core and burns more calories), hikes, long treks around town exploring are all ways to get some “exercise” in while you are on vacation.  It doesn’t have to be scheduled in as part of your day; just try and make sure you move your body a little

funny side note, one of my favorite people swears she developed rock hard abs freshman year of college from reaching under her bed all the time, which was where she kept her snacks- haha I don’t know if it counts on vacation to lift some chips to your mouth, but maybe placing them far away and doing some sort of side lunge or sit up to get to them could work…..

Don’t beat yourself up– Today at work, one of the counselors was talking about how guilt does not come from an action, it comes from the thoughts regarding that action.  For example, eating a cupcake(or 2 or 3) does not make you guilty but the thoughts of “Oh I over-ate, I ruined my day, I’m such a failure” instead of “I ate a little too much, but I will do my best to eat healthier and stick with my eating plan now(but man those cupcakes were good)” will make you feel guilty.

So…. To sum up- pack some healthy snacks for the road, choose your indulgences wisely, go for a hike, and don’t stress the small stuff-after all, you’re on VACATION!

p.s. Florida recap tomorrow- I finally got to go to a restaurant I have been wanting to try for YEARS!

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