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peanut butter jelly time!…

May 5, 2009

When people ask me what my favorite food is, I usually say Peanut Butter(I know I know, it should be pizza based on the title of this blog).  I never really was a fan of the favorite food question because who can really pick just one!?!?!?!

You also don’t see a lot of peanut butter on here because there is a peanut allergy in the house.

So my thoughts on PB….

I love PB.  I think it is a great food that can be incorporated into weight loss/gain/maintenance programs.  Very versatile huh? It’s good for weight loss because it has healthy fats and protein that keep you full, and for weight gain because it is calorie dense! Most PB has ~180-200 kcals/2 TBSP serving and 7 g protein.  There is also a lot of fat in PB, but it is the healthy kind! The problem with most “commercial” PBs is that companies add hydrogenated oils(trans fat) and sugar(usually high fructose corn syrup) to keep the PB oils from separating.  Many people are a bit freaked out/turned off by all-natural peanut butters that have a layer of oil on the top and need to stay in the fridge.

As a former Skippy Super Chunk addict(thank you freshman year of college), I can vouch for the fact that natural PB can be an acquired taste but once you convert-the commercial stuff just doesn’t taste peanutty enough!! If you can’t go for the “peanuts and salt” variety, Skippy and Jif both make a “natural” version with palm oil and cane sugar that tastes just like their regular versions.  I would encourage everyone to try the natural kind-especially if you live near a grocery store where you can grind your own nuts and make fresh PB! Also, low-fat peanut butters typically just sub the fat out with sugars and can be just as high in calories.  So read your labels before you buy!

It is also KEY to stir your natural PB really really well.  I usually flip the jar over before opening, to let some of the oils start to sink back into the PB.  Then I flip it back over and give it a really really good stir, otherwise-your PB will be oily on top and dry on the bottom.  Give it a quick stir every time you use it and enjoy!

Some people group PB together with foods like tofu and chicken or other lean proteins.  Technically, I don’t consider PB a lean protien, in fact it is more of a “fat”-the healthy kind.  It does provide some protein and fiber.  I have heard nutritionists who hail PB as an amazing food, and some who think it is over-rated.  I personally belive when it comes to PB-it is all about portion control.  2 TBSP is a lot, but spread on two pieces of bread it can look pretty skimpy, so it might help to measure it once or twice or stick to spreading it on just once piece of bread and making a sandwich.  For a snack you may only need 1 TBSP to top an apple or piece of bread.  I used to still eat PB straight out of the jar, but I know better than to sit down with a jar and a spoon because I could probably finish off 1/2 the jar!!! I have a serious PB tooth!

I felt really bad this year with the peanut butter recall and PB getting such a bad rap!

peanut butter contains…..

-vitamin E(an anti-oxidant that helps fight off free radicals!)

– fiber

– heart healthy fats

-minerals like phosphorus and magnesium!

So what are you waiting for? Go make yourself a PB & J, PB and pumpkin butter(mmm), PB and apple, PB and fluff, PB and carrots, PB and soysauce(for peanut noodles!), PB on a spoon!, PB melted over ice cream, PB and yogurt, PB and pretzels etc. etc. etc.

Just don’t consume if you have a peanut allergy! DUH!

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  1. May 5, 2009 11:58 pm

    What if your blog was titled “Lisa hearts pizza and peanut butter”? Ha!
    I like the flip the jar over trick, thanks!

  2. May 6, 2009 8:40 pm

    Great tip about flipping the jar over. I admit I used to hate natural pb I grew up on Skippy Smooth but then I switched to the Skippy Natural and have since skipped to ones with just pb and salt. You’re definitely right about the much more intense peanut taste in the natural kind.

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