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global warming at it’s finest…..

April 28, 2009

IT IS SO HOT!!!!!! And it’s only April so that scares me a little bit Boston! Work was fantastic, except for this is the second day in the row where I have seen a diabetic patient that just DOES NOT want my help! But you can’t force people to eat healthy, you can only try and do your best to educate them.

Right now, I am enjoying my new FAVORITE hummus! Wow this is good! And Organic and has probiotics in it!!!

p.s. probiotics are the good bacteria that are found natrually in your gut and help with digestion and gut health. However, they can be flushed away with medicines(anti-biotics) and diarrhea.  Probiotics are soooooo good for you!

my new favorite way to eat carrots

my new favorite way to eat carrots

I have started eating the skin of the carrots and not cutting them up? I feel like a horse but I love eating carrots like this especially when they are topped with….cimg0687This hummus is AMAZING! It is thicker than some brands and not as creamy, but in a good way! I love this texture.  It reminded me of cheese dip(definitely in texture and sort-of in flavor)-the kind you buy at a country store that is homemade right there-and I mean that in the best possible way.  The Indian flavors are subtle and it is not that spicy-hot but it is definitely flavorful.  As much as I love spicy foods, I am glad that my mouth is not on fire right now.  I am so happy, except I don’t think they sell this brand of hummus at my local grocery store-I will be on the HUNT!

cimg0681I had a reese’s peanut butter cup smoothie for breakfast! One banana(it wasn’t frozen so the texture wasn’t as good!), some ice cubes, peanut butter, cocoa powder(unsweetened),splash of soy milk and protein powder! I figured it out that there was ~500 calories in here! I liked this, but I prefer my 500 calories to be slightly more substantial.   Even though I wasn’t hungry until lunchtime- my eyes/tummy are happier when they have lots of food to look at/munch on.

I am off to ride the bike/see my physical therapist and hopefully FINALLY get this insurance nonsense figured out! Oh and I may take a spoon to that hummus before I go too!

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  1. April 29, 2009 12:25 am

    I used to love those kind of cheese dips! Good to know the hummus is sort of like that! It’s sad when people give up in terms of their health 😦 Keep fighting the good fight though!

  2. April 29, 2009 12:48 am

    I can’t help but think it’s going to be a terribly hot summer with this freak april heat wave we’ve had on the east coast!

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