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That’s not cat poop!

April 18, 2009

Eek! I am so happy it’s FRIDAY! I was M.I.A yesterday due to a presentation I left for the last minute.  I used to average 8 + hours of sleep and since surgery I have been getting 6-7!  I think this makes me cranky and I want my sleep back but my body has gotten used to getting less and I am not tired(plus I am BUSY!) Aw well, at least I get to wake up to things like this….

This was breakfast from yesterday.  My cousin would like to refer to it as “cat poop” as in “eewww! Lisa! Why are you eating cat poop?” Alas, it may not look good but I would call this “breakfast cookie” attempt a breakfast pudding!  I think I added too much soymilk to the mix.  A little more than 1/2 cup oats(with some oatbran), flax, 1/2 mashed banana, cocoa powder, 1 small scoop protein powder, 1 large spoon almond butter, and too many splashes of soymilk!  I had to eat this with a spoon but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t FRICKIN delicious! Like an chocolatey-almondy-banana-y mush!

cimg0537Oops! I cut off the top of my cute little carrot tupperware filled with a date(the dried fruit! don’t worry I’m not trying to take my carrot out for drinks!) which was filled with cashew butter! This snack was so good after lunch and kept me away from the multiple candy jars we have at work! However, when my patient offered me candy I couldn’t resist(literally I wasn’t allowed to, he insisted I take some!) plus there was 2 of my favorites; a big lemonhead and a tiny tiny bag of sour patch kids!

cimg0539cimg0540I tried a strawberry-pomegranate Odwalla bar for the first time today.  I love strawberries.  I love pomegranates.  I love Odwalla bars. I DO NOT love strawberry-pomegranate Odwalla bars.  They are suuuppppper sweet! I still ate the whole bar though!

I was realllly hungry today at around 6 and set out to make dinner to discover that gasp! we are all out of fresh veggies!  I got creative with some frozen spinach, frozen artichoke hearts, canned garlic diced tomatoes, an onion and a small amount of frozen peas.


Sautee onion, thawed spinach(with the extra water drained out), artichoke hearts, and diced tomatoes.  Add dried oregano, dried thyme, pepper and other spices as you see fit.  At the very last second so they stay nice and green, add some peas and some fresh basil! YUM! cimg0544

I found some rosemary bread in my freezer too which came out beautifully chewy and warm in the microwave.  And ate that alongside my veggies with some low-fat mozzarella cheese!  I was craving the bread, but these veggies would be wonderful with pasta, as a pizza, calzone, in an omelette, etc etc.  If you have any more ideas for how to use the veggies please share because I made about 50 portions and will be eating this for DAYS!cimg0546

Some meatless balls. cimg0547

And a Fresca!

Now, it is Friday night and I really want to play!!!!!!!! I am so excited that it’s the weekend!

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  1. April 18, 2009 1:13 am

    Don’t worry – use bloggers appreciate the breakfast cookie 😉 That carrot Tupperware container is way too cute! Fresca!! I haven’t had that in years!

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