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sicky breakfast

April 10, 2009

Today is a sick day! I can’t really talk or breathe, and I figure coughing on patients is NOT a good idea.  So, I am resting up and drinking one of the best TEA concotions ever!  Right around Christmas time I lost my voice, and all the guys at work thought this was hysterical, except one, who told me I HAD to try this tea.  I said I would give it a shot, and right after drinking it my voice would start to come back and my throat would start to feel better.

Lisa’s Recipe for Tea( so you can talk again):

1 bag peppermint tea

1 bag lemon tea

LOTS of lemon

LOTS of honey

brew the two tea bags, add the lemon and honey.  sip slowly and enjoy your voice!

* I usually don’t add sugar or lemon to my tea but I LOVE this tea and it has sooo much of both! Hope you all are having better Fridays!

Oh and the AWESOME Zesty has started a great clothing line with all proceeds being donated to charity.  Check it out here!

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