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GO cats GO!

April 10, 2009

Today, I was thinking about BAT(brown adipose tissue) and how it might make an interesting blog topic and then it was on the Today show(plus my mom said she heard about it on the radio) whaaaat?!?!?! This was a crazy coincidence! But I think I will wait to write more about this subject as it gains some more media attention and until then you can read about it here

Breakfast was a(almost) repeat offender.  Cashew butter and banana on arnold’s sandwich thin with Chobani and pumpkin butter.  Chobani is more liquid-y than Oikos but still delicious with pumpkin butter.  There was also a thin smear of pumpkin butter on my sandwich.  Yum.

I was scared for physical therapy all day! On Tuesday they almost brought me to tears bending my leg and then I was instructed to keep my knee flexible during the day by bending it at work so it doesn’t get tight and I don’t almost cry.  Well, I bent my knee so much yesterday and today because I was so scared to go back!  Fear is a great motivator. My knee stayed bendy and my PT was happy.

It got me thinking…I wonder if every time I ate chocolate something bad happened I would stop?  For most people foods like chocolate, french fries, pizza, etc. bring on pleasant feelings.  Carbohydrates especially, are known to bring happiness because they release serotonin in the brain.  There is built-in positive reinforcement to eat these foods, which way back when were necessary for human survival(I’m talkin cave people) because they needed to build up fat to be able to survive famine.  I’m not saying we should go around punching people in the face while they are eating cheeseburgers(although it might be funny for a quick second) but I wonder if there is a way to trigger the brain to think about the longer-term feelings of tiredness, weight gain, head/tummyaches etc. that often come along with eating heavier foods rather than the short term satisfaction.

Because PT was such a great success today, I decided to stop at Whole Foods on my way home(if PT had been painful I would have stopped too!) I picked up some tomato basil soup and an avocado.  I looked at all their soups and then realized I needed to make some Matzoh ball soup of my own(their’s had chicken and almost 500 kcals per serving eek!).  Last year my Vermont friends and I made a delicous passover feast of sweet potato/regular potato latkes and matzoh ball soup!  It was sooo good and we may need to recreate it when I head back to Vermont(hint hint)!


I came home to find some white beans sauteed with spinach, onions and garlic and decided they would be a wonderful addition to my soup.  They were.


Then I made my favorite lazy-girl guac. Dice avocado, mix with store bought fresh salsa and DONE!  I also made my favorite super quick almost tortilla chip by toasting 1/2 a wrap.  I did not watch this one as closely and as you can tell it got a little burnt but I still ate the whole thing.  There is also a scoop of whipped cottage cheese on my plate.  It was actually pretty good with the “guac” and added some protein and calcium to my meal.

I had every intention of hobbling down to a sports bar to watch the UVM vs. BU hockey game but I am a lame 22 year old. Plus I had to finish my paper, which I have been saying for over 2 weeks but now it is OFFICIALLY DONE! And I think I’m coming down with a cold.  YUCK!

Right now there is 1 minute left and BU is up by 1 goal.  GO CATS GO!

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  1. April 10, 2009 4:36 am

    I love Whole Foods Tomato Basil soup. Next time I’ll have to try it with avocado.

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