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biscotti and tea…

April 9, 2009

In bakesale news, my awesome MOMMY has won the rights to my biscotti(In Meghann’s blogging bakesale)! So I will be baking her up some chocolate almond biscotti and hand delivering them on Saturday!  She is one lucky lady because there will be a lot of love baked into those cookies!  And this means I will get to eat some too because my Mom is such a good sharer.

Between work and spending three hours per day tending to my right knee I’ve been slackin on my blogging but I have eaten some very yummy food recently, so here is an overview:

cimg0451My first taste of barney butter(free sample in the mail, wahoo!) but I have to say I didn’t love it. Not bad, I just wished it was peanut butter!

cimg0453Enjoyed with some whipped cottage cheese and mango!  I have been eating really big breakfasts and I think it helps ward of nighttime hunger and snacking!

cimg0455My youbar! Well not really mine because I would have picked different flavors.  This one seriously tasted like raw-nutty-fudge with a hint of coffee! I split it in half and snacked on it two different days and it was very filling for being so tiny!  I think youbars would make a great gift(hint hint-just kidding I don’t have a bday till November) because they are kinda pricey but it’s a super fun concept.  I was talking about them at work, as I munched, and Jamie- my wonderful, beautiful, funny and awesome friend thought they were too expensive for a bar, but also thinks they were a cute idea.

cimg0457Chickpea salad: chickpeas, cuke, tomatoes, feta, red onions, balsamic, fresh basil! YUM! I ate some before I remembered to take a pic.


Served with a Quorn cutlet baked and topped with marinara.  I liked these because they were soy free and still packed with protein.  But I think I prefer Boca Chick’n Patties better.

cimg0459And grapes and more mango for a lil nightime snacky!

cimg0461English muffin with “sunshine” butter and banana.  Along with plain Oikos and pumpkin butter.  Once stirred together this combo had me thinking that I could make a pretty amazing “cheesecake” dessert with these two.  hmmmm….

cimg0462Good thing I fueled up because the wonderful RDs(well one in particular) left these Easter cookies in our office.  I passed because the week is not over yet(although I have had 2 mini Reeses PB cups and 1 andes mint-more of a palate cleanser than dessert no?) I did take one of these though….cimg0464

How cute!

Also, I ate an unpictured PURE bar blueberry flavor for a snacky snack.  These are SO good and I don’t usually like raw bars.  I would buy this one again and again!  Oh and I packed it because I was heading down to Tufts to discuss possible working there for 4 weeks and… are reading the blog of the newest addition to the research team analyzing energy metabolism!  I am excited and I’m sure you will be hearing more about this in the future!

I made a quick dinner of veggie burger, leftover fried rice and some cucumber dipped in refried black beans and salsa!cimg0467cimg0465Disclaimer: This blog by NO means encompasses everything eat, sometimes whole meals are missing but usually just bites here and there.  Usually I just forget and I am a VERY BIG nibbler.  Like today I ate a bagel chip and probably 10 grapes that if I wasn’t writing this little disclaimer you never would have known about.

And time for some sound nutritional advice something I do that helps curb nighttime eating.  Besides eating a big breakfast and staying properly fueled throughout the day I usually drink decaf tea at night, or sometimes just plain hot water which most people think is weird. It is warming(helpful when surviving a Vermont winter in a house with no insulation) and filling and is a nice way to end the night and wind down.

People talk a lot about how night time eating is bad for you and will pack on the pounds.  True and False.  A calorie is a calorie and it doesn’t really matter when you eat it.  However, most people are not munching on lettuce and brown rice at midnight.  It is when we tend to go for the fatty sugary foods either because we are genuinely hungry from not eating enough all day or just mindlessly munching.  Also, if you aren’t hungry for breakfast and tend to skip that meal, you may be eating too late at night.

We need to listen to our bodies, just think twice before giving in to late night craving foods and remember you could be enjoying a nice cup of tea!  Or just think about how much better your breakfast will taste when you are hungry in the morning! YUM!

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  1. April 9, 2009 7:14 pm

    LOVE You Bars! I just reviewed them the other day!

    LOVE cottage cheese and mongo! delish 😉

  2. BFF permalink
    April 9, 2009 11:21 pm

    TUFTS!? BOOOO!! VT is WAY better!

  3. April 10, 2009 1:44 am

    aww the easter cookies look AMAZING 🙂
    Your youbar looks great too!

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