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Entree style salad…

April 6, 2009
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Around 11:30 I packed up a yummy lunch, along with my laptop, a GINORMOUS textbook and some other stuff and went to “the office”.  Then for a solid 3.5 hours I worked worked worked!  I read through countless journal entries, medical record notes, textbook pages etc. and all I have to show for it is 3 lousy pages of an essay and a couple more powerpoint slides.  I was working so hard I forgot to take a picture of my lunchie!  But I did get an appetizer picture,

cimg0420some carrots and hummus and apparently I like to stay hydrated,

cimg0421I was so proud of myself for kicking my daily diet coke habit and then the hospital went and started selling DDP!  And I loves it so!

My main course was a tempeh and pumpkin butter sandwich( a la Kath) with some baby spinach and sunflower butter(which my Aunt keeps calling sunshine butter hehe). The combo was AMAZING!  Good brain fuel.  I also packed some blackberries.

And then came home to this:cimg0422Granny smith apple with some 50% Cabot cheese.

I told myself I would take a small break and get back to work, but surprisingly it didn’t happen.  I suck! The due date for my paper got pushed back and it’s not getting graded so my motivation went falling through the cracks.  Oops!

Then I told Aunt G I was just going to have a salad for dinner and she said ” don’t you get hungry if you just eat a salad” and I said “well, it’s not really a salad by the time I get done with it” and then we proceeded to giggle as I pulled out 10 different things from the fridge to make my hearty keep-you-full-but-not-too-full-for-dessert salad.

cimg0423Greek Style with cucumber, grape tomatoes, feta, peas, chickpeas, hummus & fresh salsa.  On the side was a tortilla that I toasted in the toaster( we do not have a toaster oven which makes me sad) but I babysat the tortilla to make sure it didn’t burn and it was almost the same!  Nice and warm and crunchy!

The salad kept me full, but not to full for 1 cup of kettlecorn and some more blackberries! I do not consider kettle corn or fruit actual dessert(like chocolate and candy) so it has not been banned from my week long abstinence of dessert.

cimg0426 I had one cup of this! It is SOOOOOOOOOOO addicting! I have eaten almost the whole bag in one sitting before!  Now I always pour it into some sort of bowl before munching because I have no self control with kettle corn.


just 1 little cup!  With about 10 blackberries that I ate pre-photo-op

cimg0428I live with other popcorn lovers.  Thats some movie theatre butter leftovers on the left and smartfood on the right.  My roomate Christy had this awesome popcorn maker last year and we used to pop it all the TIME! She had some secret kernel brand/oil combination that was delicious and now microwave popcorn just doesn’t do it for me.  But the red bag of kettle corn is just as good as homemade!(sorry Christy)

Also I WISH I had my camera in the hosptial cafeteria because there was 15 GIANT bags of popcorn-think leaf collection bags or really large garbage bags(in case you live in a place without seasons and leaf raking).  I thought maybe we were having a fair, but no it is just to celebrate Baseball’s opening day! Silly me, Bostoners love their baseball!  I have never seen so much popcorn in one place!

I am really excited because tomorrow is Sports Nutrition Class Day!!!!!!!!!!! And then we get out in the early afternoon which means, I have time to finish my paper! And not procrastinate!

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  1. Gina permalink
    April 6, 2009 1:45 am

    Glad you are doing so well with your dessert free week. Good luck with that paper!

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