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Homework help and school lunches…

April 5, 2009

Last night I tried the Rachel’s Kiwi Passion Mango yogurt before bed. It was a really nice blend of flavors, but seeing as how it’s not organic and comes all the way from Colorado, I will probably stick with Stonyfield when I need a good regular(non-greek) yogurt. For all you fruit on the bottom haters, it is nice because it is SMOOTH!

I also helped my cousin out with some homework. My 25 year old cousin Kenny had a nutrition assignment and he called me for help(which, he totally didn’t need). He had to come up with a list of foods and then their healthier alternatives. The examples they gave were white pasta to whole wheat, and whole milk to skim. I was there for emotional support and these suggestions:
Chicken Thigh–> Skinless chicken breast
Canned Veggies–> fresh veggies
Cereal–> oatmeal
Salt–> salt substitute seasoning(Mrs. Dash or dried spices)
White potato–> sweet potato!
Whole milk, fruited yogurt–> non-fat plain yogurt(which he thinks does not taste good! He’s crazy!)
Iceberg Lettuce–> Baby Spinach
Ranch Dressing–> Olive oil and vinegar
Butter–> non-hydrogenated margarine

He was being super picky and we came up with some other ones that he rejected. The swaps didn’t need to meet specific requirements(ie: less calories) they just needed to be HEALTHIER! Do you have any favorite swaps?

Also, my Aunt and Uncle were at an auction last night, and the item she had up for auction was making school lunch for 1 week for a family.  There were also week-long stays in Cape Cod, weekends in Nantucket and lots of other fun items up for bid.  Guess which one went for the most?  My Aunt’s lunches!!! and for a (are you ready for this) whopping FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!  (it is for two families so really 2 grand a piece but still!) I can only hope the yummy biscotti I am making forMeghann’s bakesale can generate some of the same monetary enthusiasm.

Oh yea breakfast was some more oatmeal smoothie, without pumpkin butter(gasp!) but it did have some yummy toppings!cimg0419

lots of cottage cheese and some cashew butter and flaxseed.  I also drank some green tea out of this mug;cimg0395I don’t live with any grandmas, so I don’t know where it came from.  perhaps my family has some sort of dark past and  someone mugged a little old lady for this mug(as in their grandma)?  No idea, but the tea was scrumptious and now I REALLY am going to write my paper because I’m making myself go to work where there are no distractions.  Enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. Gina permalink
    April 6, 2009 1:41 am

    Another substitution – water for soft drinks or in Kenny’s case, beer.

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