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Blown away….literally

April 5, 2009

Back tracking  a bit…I had the yummiest lunch of two egg whites that I made like a flat little omelette and some leftover baked sweet potato topped with blackbeans and spinach, some cabot 50% cheddar and salsa!  My original intentions were to make sweet potato hash browns and huevos rancheros, but I got lazy and this is what I ended up with and it was sooo yummy.


Then I snacked on EVERYTHING to avoid doing my paper, which is still not done( I don’t know how I survived college).  I had some kettlecorn (after I spilled some kettlecorn; I poured it in a bowl and then knocked it off the counter, oops), a fruit leather, a granny smith apple andsome coconut honey almonds.  The almonds were reminding me of something and I couldn’t figure out what until it hit me…my homemade granola!! You will probably see this next week because I pretty much never fail to make it for my dad when I am home.  No matter HOW many times I show him how to do it, and as much as he enjoys eating it every day when it is there, he does not make it himself.  Which is fine, because I do!

So I made a to-do list and almost wrote on it “pee” because I knew I was about to get up and go to the bathroom right after and then I stopped myself because really I should be able to find something a bit more substantial to cross of my list if I am going to bother making one!!! That being said, most of my to-do list is NOT done(including my paper, eek!) So to cheer myself up I went to Whole Foods, thinking I would just pick up my last 2 free Oikos yogurts but noooo….instead I hit the JACKPOT!! Literally, everything I wanted to get/wanted to try was on sale!cimg0405

I tried to fit it all in!


mmmm dairy!cimg0407

and protein!

Chobani, Friendship whipped cottage cheese, Rachel’s Yogurt(vanilla chai and kiwi passion fruit lime), Pure bar, Coconut Water, Tempeh,Seitan Jerky, Quorn cutlets, blackberries.  The only thing that was NOT on sale was the Oikos(free..hehe), the seltzer and the Whole Foods bar.  So instead of spending a couple of dollars I spend $30, but I got protein for weeks!

I considered myself BLOWN AWAY by my goodies from Whole Foods but then I got outside and it was sooooo windy I literally(literally people I am not exaggerating) got blown backwards by the wind.  I guess crutches aren’t as sturdy as a good leg and I got pushed backwards a few steps and then could not move forward for about 20 seconds!  Boston is soooooooooooooooooo WINDY!

I was so excited to eat when I came home, even though I wasn’t that hungry from all my snacking.  I made a strange concoction.  I wanted to make buffalo marinated tempeh fajitas, but then I wasn’t in the mood because I didn’t have avocado.  I had the tempeh marinating in Frank’s Buffalo sauce and had already started sauteeing the peppers and onions so I just threw it on top of some pasta.  I thought this was a weird mix of flavors but then I figured it is not so much different than buffalo chicken pizza, which EVERYONE loves.  I also topped it with some more salsa and a tiny bit of mozzarella cheese. Don’t knock it til you try it.  Next time I think I would leave off the extra salsa but buffalo and pasta with melty cheese definitely works!cimg0409This picture was taken before I remembered to add some cheese! There is pasta under there somewhere I swear!

I also tried some of the coconut water which was mango/passion flavored with my dinner.  I didn’t love it but I could see how it would be refreshing after a workout.

2 more things happened at Whole Foods that I should let you know.

1. I had a cookie.  D’oh!  Apparently it is ingrained in me to not turn down free cookies!  They had free samples of hamentashen and I just was like “yum free sample” and popped it in my mouth.  It wasn’t until I was done chewing that I realized I was supposed to be eliminating cookies and other such desserts for the week.  Since it was just a little piece, maybe it doesn’t count but I feel the need to confess.

2. I checked out Jay Robb, you know adored by Sarah and Heather.  He is expensive but maybe when he goes on sale I will give him a try.  Also, Sarah you never mentioned that on the back of his protein jars he is standing in his typical waist up pose but his shirt is unbuttoned revealing some six pack abs!

Also, my girls and former teammates, the wonderful UVM women’s club volleyball team is competing at regionals at Yale this weekend!  For a team that just got started 3 years ago in a state where volleyball is one of the least popular sports and where we were banned from entering the league until this year(after a lengthy essay written by me and some excellent captainship by Meredith!)  I’m so excited for them!  And if I remember correctly, I’m sure they are eating super healthy all weekend(especially if Kristen’s mom has anything to do with it!) GO cats GO!

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