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Lisa tries to eat an artichoke….

March 31, 2009

I have never eaten a real artichoke before tonight… I love all things artichoke flavored but most of my artichoke experiences have come from cans or been frozen…..cimg0363this is what the heart looks like once all the stringy stuff is pulled out…cimg0357

this is the mess on my plate from trying to get to the heartcimg0358

this is a wonderful side of spinach tortellini with meatless balls and marinaracimg0360

this is the heart with the stringy stuff still on it….I WAS SCARED

I also made myself a tiny spinach salad with hummus, tomatoes, feta and bbq sauce for dinner.  Most of the artichoke stayed on my plate, I didn’t love it.  But Aunt G told me not to worry, there would be more artichokes in my future and they would be better.  Anyone have any good recipes?

I freaked out a little bit today about what I was going to be doing in September after my program ended.  I figured I could, as a backup, always move back home for a little bit and study for my RD exam and brave the job hunt.  My dad called me tonight to let me know he wants to sell my bed and turn my room into a workout room! haha guess my backup plan is out the window!

Today I was really moved by reading this NYtimes article. Lee was sweet enough to post the link on her blog, which is great and focuses on one of my most favorite things, peanut butter. She also helps raise awareness about eating disorders. The article is about 7 pages long, eye-opening and really sad. I know a fair amount about eating disorders from being a nutrition major( I took a semester long class dedicated to eating disorders, which by no means makes me an expert), and growing up knowing people who went through periods of disordered eating and/or who had an eating disorder. Regardless of your personal experiences, I’m sure we all know people who speak negatively about their bodies(and perhaps do so ourselves??) I try and make a conscious effort to not say things like “I hate my body” or “I’m so fat” for many reasons.
1. I don’t hate my body or think I am fat(although I have my moments). For the most part I appreciate that it works and gets me where I need to go. Knee surgery has helped reinforce my gratitude for how much our bodies do for us all day. I appreciate now that it is healing and getting better and I will one day get to admire my legs for their strong muscles and ability to bend and squat and lunch and do warrior pose!
2. That kind of talking/thinking is NEGATIVE! I try and stay positive as much as possible(although, again I have my moments)
3. I do not want anyone around me to be affected by any sort of negative talking about my body!

This is an excerpt from the article that really hit me hard…..

“As I made milkshakes for all of them, I was surprised to hear Kitty say jokingly, “We know all the ice creams with the most calories!”

One friend said, “We want to know which ones have the least!”

“Yeah,” chimed in another, “because my butt is huge!” Another girl said,

“I hate my thighs!” There was a chorus of agreement.
I offered, “You girls are beautiful and healthy and strong.” But I felt incredibly sad. Even face to face with the devastating effects of this disease, they were criticizing their bodies.”

These are 14 year old girls. That means they are freshman in highschool!! And I am pretty sure that they know their friend has an eating disorder. She needs food to heal and get better and they are associating that food with negative self-worth. It is sad how often we hear comments, like these, that are so unnecessary.

I just wanted to encourage everyone to think before they speak negatively about their bodies.  We only have one and we should love it and treat it right.

Time to start my ten page paper….

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  1. March 31, 2009 11:08 am

    ooo ive never tried artichoke eather! been meening to give it agoo
    love your blog!

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