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food aversions…

March 31, 2009

this morning i made a really yummy bowl of oats.  Since I’m still gimpy and rushed in the morning from doing my physical therapy, I find it is easiest for me to make my oats the night before and then heat them or eat them like muesli in the morning.  So last night I mixed 1/2 cup oats with some oat bran mixed in, 1/2 a granny smith apple, light soy milk and cinnamon in a bowl.

apple-y oats

apple-y oats

After I microwaved them, I stirred in some whey protein.  I opened the packet and was really nervous because it smelled “protein-y” but once I stirred it in and added a little more soymilk it just made my oats creamier and protein packed(well 5 extra grams) and I didn’t even taste it!!!!  I also topped them with flax seeds and some cashew butter. Such a delicious and quick breakfast to enjoy while icing my knee and watching the “oldspice presents geico’s college lacrosse game of the week”- it was 6:30 am and I needed a sports fix/nothing else was on but I loved it then and I’m loving it now(they are playing it again on ESPNu).

Side note- I am(was?) a volleyball player, setter to be exact and I LOVE VOLLEYBALL!  I think it’s an awesome combination of skill, power, finesse and smarts-plus you get to throw yourself on the floor and jump up and down alot.  However…I feel my personality is much more equipped for CONTACT sports like lacrosse.  I like to get physical.  My school never had a team, but we played in gym with plastic sticks and I loved it!

K- back to food…today I was talking to some other interns about food aversions.  Foods that we stay away from because,….because……. because we just DO!

I have a problem with juice; because for sooooooo long I have had it ingrained in my head that I should not drink my calories and juice will not satisfy me the way a whole piece of fruit will!  If I am having a strong craving, I’ll have some juice but otherwise I try not to buy it or drink it.  But really, 4 ounces of juice is not so bad?( I don’t know if I ready to start drinking it lots though).

I also can’t really enjoy cream sauces.  This can be for a number of reasons: 1. I know they are loaded with calories and saturated fat 2. I HATE eating pasta without marinara sauce, because I like to enjoy tomato sauce every chance I get 3. I once ate pasta alfredo, mulitple glasses of whole milk, and ice cream(CPK kids meal) and proceeded to get sick(duh!) so ever since then they haven’t been the same.  Again, if I REALLY want cream sauce, I will have some but usually I stay away.  This particular aversion happened to creep into the lasagna Aunt G made tonight.  I think she feels bad that I don’t want to eat it, so I may scarf down a couple bites since it is homemade lasagna and all.

Do you have foods that you usually avoid besides for the obvious reason that you just don’t like them?

Jamie, another fabulous intern said she avoids fake maple syrup, which OF COURSE I had to agree with.  Because that stuff is NASTY!  She also doesn’t like whipped cream, which I usually don’t like either because it’s too rich, but sometimes with some ripe strawberries and homemade whipped cream…mmmmmmmmmmmmm!

And since I haven’t started my ten-page paper yet I feel like I should make some headway.  And eat some dinner because I just checked out Zesty’s blog and that man never fails to make my tummy growl!

p.s. Funny crutch critter update:


This is what they look like, in case you forgot/have never seen them before(just picture two sticking out from my armpits and you get the idea).  So I get on an elevator at work and one of the hospital policeman says “AHH! It’s the tiger crutch girl, everyone’s been talking about you!  Awesome! If I ever break my foot I’m getting giraffes”

Now just an hour before this I was thinking how sick I was of people staring at me all the time because I’m gimpy and have stuffed tigers(and I usually loooove attention 🙂 )  But when a cute man in uniform smiles and treats you like a mini celebrity, it’s easy to blush and smile back!

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  1. barbara permalink
    April 2, 2009 12:17 pm

    love your blog… veggies and all : )
    and love that the tigers are getting you some positive attention and not just wacky stares… lol!!!
    hopefully you will be off the crutches soon.
    keep blogging!!!

  2. May 20, 2009 4:04 am

    I can’t eat hot canned tuna-people are always making tuna noodle casseroles, tuna a la king, tuna w/ marinara sauce etc. yuck! They all turn my stomach. It just seems wrong to heat up canned tuna! Another one for me is milk-I love cheese, yogurt etc and grew up drinking milk but as an adult I just can’t do it! If I have cereal, I have to have soy milk. It’s so funny how everyone has foods they can’t/won’t eat!

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