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baking triumphs and disasters..

March 27, 2009


dipped in sauce

dipped in sauce

Homemade stromboli.  Sorry, photos do not do this justice, especially when they are slightly blurry.  Multiply this slice times 2.  Fresh out of the oven= deliciousness.  This was filled with artichokes, spinach and feta.  The dough was homemade bread dough and then got all wrapped up.  I’d be more detailed with the recipe, but I only ate this sucker I didn’t cook it.

I ate my two pieces after I finished a spinach salad that I topped with more spinach(haha oops! the leftover filling), salsa, hummus, red beans, and some cottage cheese and frank’s hot sauce.  Yum.  I was about 1/3 of the way in when I realized I didn’t take a pic, and then I looked at my plate all mushed up and decided that while tasty, definitely NOT pretty.

So…… a bit about my baking background.  My dad LOVES to bake: his Yiayia’s cake(greek for grandma) is like a moist buttery light pound cake and he thinks he makes the best brownies ever(they are pretty good).  My mom made most of my birthday cakes growing up(except my ice cream cake in 3rd grade that was too frozen to cut and needed to be brought back to the store, sad) and christmas cookies every winter.  My Yiayia was famous for her harvest loaf, a pumpkin cake with chocolate chips and walnuts drillzed with cinnamon-y glaze that my bro and I used to lick off the wax paper it dripped onto(oh childhood memories).  My other grandma was German and made apple pancakes( I sadly was a semi-picky eater as a child and I only know they were amazing from my cousin Kenny).  So anyways, I’d say baking is in my genes in more ways than one.

I got really into baking when I became a vegan(this lasted ~ 1 year).  Pretty much my favorite thing about vegan-ism were vegan cookies either homemade or otherwise and I was always on a mission to prove that just because it was vegan doesn’t mean it wasn’t tasty.  I also liked baking healthy versions of favorite treats like pumpkin muffins, oatmeal cookies etc.  I love subbing applesauce and egg-whites for butter and eggs and using whole wheat flour, although sometimes there is nothing like the REAL thing.  For the most part, if I bake healthy things, I eat more.  If I bake regular indulgence, I eat less.  So it balances out.

Some of my most successful recipes are: my pumpkin oatmeal chocolate chip cookies(the executive chefs at work GOBBLED these up and they are relatively healthy), my tofu(shhhh) chocolate peanut butter pie, my florentine cookies, low-fat blueberry muffins and of course cranberry-pistachio biscotti!

Some baking bloopers:

The time I was SOOOOOOO excited to make banana muffins filled with jam from SCRATCH.  I accidentally sprayed my muffin tin with garlic pam and proceeded to fill the tins without realizing(the oven smelled atrocious and they were totally inedible)!

My healthy cornbread recipe that I needed to test at work which I baked 5-6 times in the course of three days before I perfected it.  It was burt, it was still raw, it was dry; pretty much everything went wrong that could in the course of those three days and I definitely got teased about it(still do).  Luckily, by the time tasting day came around, both my cornbread and I were golden(haha pun!).

And lastly, the time I decided I didn’t need a recipe to make cake and just threw together flour, sugar, eggs, milk, and m&ms.  Mind you, I was still in high school and didn’t realize baking was a science.  It was gross but at least my neighbor(who happened to be fasting) thought it smelled good!

So I hope I have written enough to pique your interest in my baking forMeghann’s bake sale coming up April 6th!
Have a great weekend. I know I will because I will be in one of my FAVORITE places: Burlington, Vermont!!!

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  1. March 29, 2009 4:32 pm

    Thank you for sharing about your baking background!! So excited that you’re participating in Meghann’s bake sale as well 🙂

    Hope you’re having fun in Vermont!!

  2. March 30, 2009 1:58 am

    Yummy Stromboli!

  3. March 30, 2009 2:57 am

    Heya! I see your comments on KERF all the time, and since we have the same name I thought I’d mosey on over! Love the stromboli – and I giggled about the garlic-Pam incident. I’ll be back!

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