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Look ma, I’m a winner…

March 24, 2009

I won my first bloggie giveaway!!! I am so excited to recieving my very own YouBar from Carol

Even though technically I didn’t design it, I’ve always wanted to try these bars, and now I can! Thanks!!

cold oats

cold oats

For breakfast I decided to try my free sample of Bobs Red Mill muesili cereal.  I mixed 1/2 cup with 1 cup light soymilk and let sit in fridge overnight( 1 cup milk is way tooo much as you can tell from the swimming oats, but I like it!) This mix had sunflower seeds(which I really only like when they are roasted and salted), raisins, chopped dates(which I was so excited about because I thought they were mini chocolate chips, but they were not), and some other stuff and I topped it with strawberries and blueberries.

The cereal was good, probably would have been better in the microwave( I think I’m going to try it out like that tomorrow), but this breakfast left me feeling super-hungry by lunchtime.  Next time MORE protein!

Lunch was a piece of whole wheat veggie pizza, side salad, and one of the best pears I’ve ever ate from the hospital(so juicy and still crunchy!).  I pretty much only got the pizza because I saw other people eating it and then wanted some too! Does that ever happen to you???

And then for dinner I ate exactly what I ate yesterday with the addition of some meatless balls from Trader Joes.  I love those things, just as much fun to say as they are to eat!

calcium chocolate

calcium chocolate

We also got a free sample of these suckers at MDA.  It has 500 mg of calcium and unlike other calcium chews that come in purple packages, this one is not chewy.  It is just like eating a piece of good chocolate.  My guess is they are expensive but if you know anyone who loves chocolate and has a hard time getting their calcium in, choose this!

Calcium, and it’s sister vitamin D are VERY IMPORTANT!  Lots of new research on Vit. D shows that most people(especially those living in the cold, like BOSTON) do not get enough Vit D. Our bodies can make it in the sun, but in the winter the rays aren’t strong enough in places like New England.  Vit D. is fortified in dairy products, soy products, some meal replacement bars and other foods.

So in the summer, get out in the sun and in the winter eat your fortified Vit D. products!

Now I need to go find a place to work for four weeks.  Our internship allows us to partake in a “specialty” rotation where we can pusrsue our passion outside of the hospital!  Mine just got bumped up to May which is super soon EEEK!  Anyone have any good ideas as to where I can put my nutrition education/training to good use??

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  1. BFF permalink
    March 25, 2009 12:58 am

    VERMONT!!!!! essex jct to be exact. complete with a place to stay! yay!!!

  2. mom permalink
    March 25, 2009 1:49 am

    you are always a winner!

  3. March 25, 2009 2:23 pm

    Congrats on you win…ahh, I just read the sweet comment from you mom. 🙂

    I didn’t realize those Adora discs weren’t chewy. Just like eating a good piece of chocolate?. Note to self, must find those soon!

    My doctor tested my vitamin D levels, and they were way low, and so I’ve been supplementing with Liqui D3 drops all winter, and I truly thing it helped with my winter blues. Felt a lot more spunky this season.

    You can go anywhere for your internship?!? I’d head out West for some amazing hiking and trail running.

  4. rhodeygirltests permalink
    March 25, 2009 8:07 pm

    do you have the recipe for that awesome chickpea meal in your last post?!

  5. March 25, 2009 8:57 pm

    Congrats on your win!

  6. March 25, 2009 9:16 pm

    agreed wit rhodey i want that recipe and congrats on the win!!

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