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MDA conference….

March 19, 2009

Forgive me in advance for not being particularly witty but I am T-I-R-E-D!!!! Crutching and public transportation and a car ride and a nutrition convention where you go back and forth all day through a giant hotel is exhausting(plus I’m sure my early wake up didn’t help either).  My gracious chaffeur was kind enough to get me an iced Dunkin Doughnuts hazelnut coffee with skim so I started the day off with a boost!(clearly it did not last til 6 pm)….

Just as a reminder, I spent the day at the Mass Dietetic Association conference which is a two day event featuring prominent nutrition speakers and vendors(who give away freebies!)….

At around 6 am I had a mini bowl of greek yogurt with some strawberries to hold me over since by the time breakfast was served it would be about 3 hours after I woke up.  I also packed a Clif bar in case I needed a snack but silly me, I should know better, dietitians LOVE to FEED people….

And then I arrived at the breakfast pastry buffet: vegan coffee cake, cinnamon buns, cranberry almond bread, blueberry scones, zucchini bread, yogurt, granola and fruit….I chose…


This is after I ate(oops!) I had one piece of pineapple(too sweet-NEVER thought I’d say that), the granola was chewy(I like mine crunchy) so I just picked out some almond slivers and about half the scone, which was very good. It wasn’t the healthiest breakfast food but what can ya do?….

My first talk was on diabetes and weight loss surgery, then we had our keynote speech on being happy and successful, followed by MY FAVORITE talk on obesity treatments via the internet and then LUNCH!(I think tomorrow I will write more about what I learned, right now it is all about the food)….

I ordered a vegan lunch but everyone started with

vegetable soup

vegetable soup

the crumbs in the back are from a wheat roll that I ate because I was hungry by the time lunch came…..and then I had a couple bites of salad from the olive oil sample man who tossed some mixed greens with balsamic vinegar, and then they brought out the main course…




the rest of us(plus Agnes again)

the rest of us(plus Agnes again)

strawberry sorbet with fresh mint

strawberry sorbet with fresh mint

the non-vegan lunch remains

the non-vegan lunch remains

I had some sort of stuffed tomato with eggplant, onions and zuchini on the inside on a plate of brown and yellow lentils and white beans…it was OK overcooked and underseasoned but I ate all the filling inside the tomato and 1/3-1/2 of the beans… They gave us some strawberry sorbet of which I had about two bites(sooo sweet! I honestly think my sugar tolerance is not what it used to be) but I ate the berries.  Just for show I snapped a pic of the other lunch which was grilled chicken ceasar salad.  Not my cup of tea! My time spent in foodservice has instilled in me the knowledge it takes to feed large amounts of people(Thanksgiving for 900 anyone?) and it is not easy. So, I would say they did a great job, given the circumstances.

After lunch, all I wanted was a bite of chocolate, but instead I had a cocktail.  A pro-tini to be exact.  I kid you not, the generous man from Global Health Products made me a “pro-tini”(his word, not mine, I can’t make this up) with three packets of whey protein and some liquid orange protein…

the cocktail shaker/glass

the cocktail shaker/serving vessel



I promise to write more about how much protein etc. but for now I will just tell you that it tasted like a creamsicle(just don’t smell before tasting) and I have lots of whey protein now to sample(and about 2/3 of that cocktail left to drink)

I started talking to another vendor only to turn around and see another buffet of foods! This was literally 20 minutes after lunch. Brownies, cookies, fruit bowl, mini-chip bags, veggies and pita with dip, and two vegan cakes.  I tried a bite of the vegan peach almond tart and the vegan sponge cake with raspberry preserves.  Both were good, I love peachy deserts(sorry for no photo but standing requires two hands so I can’t whip out the camera easily).  And then I had one bite of m&m cookie as I sipped on more pro-tini.

One more speaker about pregnant vegetarians and then it was time to hurry home to ice my knee.  After hearing about the tragic accident that led to the death of Natasha Richardson, I feel very grateful to just have torn my ACL.  Skiing is a dangerous sport so wear a helmet and be careful!!!! My sympathies go out to her family and friends for their loss.

I must say I had a very interesting day.  I learned a lot about nutrition from the speakers and vendors and got tons of free goodies! I will write more about these tomorrow because I think now my eye-lids want to shut.


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  1. March 20, 2009 12:34 am

    oh don’t smell it before tasting..that seems scary

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