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crack of dawn…

March 19, 2009

or before that actually…I woke up at 5 am by chance so I figured I would just go with it and get some stuff done as I will probably hopefully be falling asleep very very early tonight.

I remembed pictures(of dinner at least) and while it’s not pretty it sure tasted yummy!

breakfast for dinner!

breakfast for dinner!

I sauteed some grape tomatoes, baby spinach and shredded carrots then took them out of the pan.  And this next part I wouldn’t necessarily do again(because I was just being lazy), I cracked two eggs into the pan(1 white/1 whole) and then scrambled them in the pan as opposed to in a bowl before.  I was nervous they wouldn’t be good(I’m pretty picky about egg texture), but they were surprisingly fluffy tasting and with all those veggies and melty Cabot 50% cheese and KETCHUP(mmmm) they hit the spot!

Halfway through-super messy but soooo good!

mangia, mangia!

mangia, mangia!

After I had surgery, my nurse told me to go home and have eggs(I’m assuming bc of the protein and gentleness in the tummy) but I haven’t had them since last night!  That’s over two weeks eggless and I was craving them for dinner.

Afterwards, I had:

frozen fudge

frozen fudge

This picture is slightly deceptive because I already bit into half before I remembered to photograph…when fudge is frozen the sugar crystals change a little but when you put it in your mouth to melt it is such a nice taste and it lasts longer!

I also had some grapes before bed and decaf Chai tea which helps put me to sleep(maybe why I got up so early?!?)

And….for the sake of being honest, I have yet to take candy from the front desk at work but I did take a piece of chocolate from a different candy bowl(which I of course told myself was not breaking the rules).  It was good(a nugget with toffee and almonds) but I felt a bit guilty when I ate it.  Aw well! At least today I won’t be in the office because of the meeting! And they are providing breakfast and lunch so I will try and photograph just so you can all see what dietitians serve other dietitians and aspiring interns!

Have a great day!

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