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March 17, 2009
all gone

all gone

I told you I had a hard time remembering to take pictures!! That was just a little bowl of some Vanilla Oikos topped with Kashi GoLean and it was sooo good I gobbled it up too soon for pics! My mom bought me this bowl when I was looking for a small bowl to put ice cream into.  I am such a big believer in smaller bowls and plates for portion control! I hate filling a giant bowl with just a little pasta, it looks so empty!(or I just put too much in, oops)

Today lots of people wore green to work, and I wore a turquoisey-green shirt by chance …only to be informed it was not green! Hmmph! The second day back was much better but I was still in a lot of pain by the end of the day and am very happy for my bed/ice machine/snacks!

Today at lunch, the other interns and I sat around oogling each other’s food because we all wished we picked something different(this frequently happens to me at restaurants).  It was Baked Potato day; and they will top a HUGE potato with broccoli and cheese and roasted veggies, and other stuff too, but those are the three I choose(this week I skipped baked potato day in favor of a veggie cheese-burger and apple with PB).  I also bought Krissy a cupcake for helping me with lunch (yet again) and snagged a bite of frosting, which happens to be my favorite part!

So, my nutritional goal for this week at work, was to not take any candy from the candy bowl! The department administrative assistant(is secretary not PC anymore?) has a bowl usually with spearmints and caramels and if you are lucky-CHOCOLATE! But I walk past her desk so often, I got in the habit of taking one almost every time(only when she’s not there because I don’t want her to know I am the one taking it! She’s gone a lot to make copies and such).  So, 2 days in and so far NO candy. Yay!!  Hopefully, my willpower doesn’t wane in the next few days.

Tomorrow I do some more PT and then Thursday I get to go to the MDA(Mass. Dietetic Association) meeting! I’m super excited because it is my first nutrition conference and there will be lots of good speakers.  I’m even more excited because one of them is my old professor from VT and will be speaking about research I used to work on with her!

I’m off to microwave a boring but tasty dinner of leftover lentil soup! Happy St. Patty’s Day!

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  1. kenney permalink
    March 18, 2009 6:38 am

    so do you like get money for plugging whole foods in your blogs or any other of the places you have mentioned cause you your selling them pretty hard core. love you cuz jk. i am tottally caught up on your blogs now its nice having all this free time to do stuff like read. maybe you would feel better if you felt like the govt was paying me to read your blogs hahahaa.

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