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Question of the day….????

March 8, 2009

When you tell people you go to University of Vermont you usually get the same response(s):

Do you like to ski? yes(hence the torn ACL)

Do you smoke weed? no

Are you a hippie? kind-of

When people find out you are a nutrition major/dietetic intern they usually say:

What should I eat? What do you eat? or….Oh, I don’t eat healthy at all, you would hate me!

When I first was asked that question as a sophmore, I thought I might have the answer figured out by the time I was a senior, or at least by now, but there really is no answer that will make everyone happy.  If you tell them you eat mostly fruits and veggies and whole grains and lean protein(the majority of a healthy diet) they get upset that you don’t eat more.  When you tell them you still eat things like chocolate and fried foods and white bread(gasp!) they usually wonder why you don’t eat better.  Both are true; most dietitians I know eat a majority of healthy foods and indulge once in awhile in small amounts.  Everyone has their favorite foods; one of my friends, we currently joke is on “the cake diet” because every day she eats cake with lunch.  Another, has a tiny obsession with mayonnaise(sorry, but you know it’s true).

I think the perfect answer to that question of what we should eat comes from my cousin, via my family friend(although when I told my Mom she says this quote originally comes from Michael Pollan).

So to quote Michael Pollan-“Eat food.  Not too much.  Mostly Plants.”

**By the way, my family friend told my cousin to not tell me this quote because he thinks it will put me out of a job(as a future dietitian).** I disagree because for some reason in America, and increasingly around the world, people are finding this harder to do.

I will leave you with the most adorable present I got in the mail after surgery(thanks Barbara)! I have already recieved lots of compliments on them like you thought.

tiger crutch buddies!

tiger crutch buddies!

p.s. yes, I do look ridiculous crutching with two stuffed tigers coming out of my armpits, but at this point I am just happy I can crutch!

p.p.s I was super jealous reading other blogs about the beautiful spring weather in the south, but it’s here in Boston too!! And……I hobbled outside and sat in the sun for a good ten minutes and it made my day!!!!

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  1. barbara permalink
    March 9, 2009 12:07 pm

    so happy i made your blog!! and i’m glad you are getting compliments on my gift… i just hope they are comfortable. i’m happy to hear you are doing better too : ) and keep up the blogging… i love it.

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