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My New Favorite Snack

March 6, 2009

So I wasn’t going to post pictures of the food I ate(because I think there are soooooo many fabulous blogs out there that already do just that), but then my Mom brought me this!!

my new favorite snack

When you can only eat about 3 bites at a time before feeling full you should make sure they are good bites!  That bowl right there has two  bites of Ben and Jerry’s, one of oatmeal cookie and one of halfbaked, a spoonful of white chocolate peanut butter and a strawberry!  Yum, my tummy feels much better after eating this.  I am a total believer in comfort food.  Plus I think my stomach just needed something because all of this medication does not make it happy.

Speaking of pretty food the  strawberry came from…

edible arrangement!

edible arrangement!

Sorry its on it’s side, I’m sure I will figure out how to fix that later.  But it was very pretty and tasty(thankyou RXK and co)!

Also, for those interested in ACL surgery recovery my leg looks like this:cimg01511

There it is in it’s CPM machine(continuous passive motion) which bends it up and down, and then on top is the cryopac which connects to a cooler full of ice water and keeps my knee nice and chilled.  Underneath that is my compression stocking in opague white(think 1950s nurse), and then an ace bandage and the knee.  I have a picture minus all the wrapping but I figured it doesn’t go to well with my pretty food post.

That’s all for now.  Hopefully your legs are in better shape!-Lisa

p.s. sorry for the RedSox blanket Dad!

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